SciFi Links

These are some links to other Deluxe SciFi themed objects out there:

  • 4ever Simfantasy’s chess table – Available here. (I have provided the file because it is no longer available.)
  • Madoria’s Miss Memo matches – Available here on her site.
  • OddSim’s Elixir ExpressiBuy – Available here.
  • OddSim’s Locking Portal and the Key – Available here.
  • OddSim’s S. Alienii – available here.
  • Sam’s TSO SciFi Kiosk – Available here on TSR.
  • SimStyle 2002’s purple chair and table – The site is no longer available so I have provided the file here.

Also to make a custom bar on whatever surface I choose, I use SSoW’s “Social Drinking Home” Bar – Available on this page.