This is a page with items from the Deluxe expansion pack that no longer need Deluxe to function.  The only items I haven’t done are the Column Arches.

Build | The Roman column.

Plumbing | The Roman toilet, sink, & tub, and the SciFi toilet, sink, & shower.

Seating | The SciFi bed, the Roman dining chair, the Roman loveseat, the Roman armchair, the SciFi arm(less)chair, and the SciFi sofa.

Surfaces | The Roman dining table, and the Roman end table and SciFi end table.

Decor | The Roman fountain, the Roman map, frieze, & tapestry, and Roman statue & sundial.

Miscellaneous | The SciFi dresser.

Walls & Floors | All the Roman and SciFi walls and floors included with Deluxe.